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Why is biogas so important for the energy turnover?

Every renewable energy has its advantages and has to take different tasks, only then is a long term stable and efficient electrical supply based on renewable energies possible.
Nobody needs to pay for wind and sun, and they are available virtually without any restrictions. Wind turbines and solar plants will therefore be the “beasts of burden” of the power system in the future. However, they also have a disadvantage: They are not available at any time – especially not always, when there is a demand for power. Any future power system must there fore be equipped with, and based on, technologies that “step into the breach”, when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine. This is, when biogas comes into the play. Biogas cannot only be generated reliably and all the time, it can also be stored. Biogas plants are therefore ideal to fill a gap in the regenerative energy turn-around.
At the moment, many biogas plants still generate their power around the clock. In order to fill this gap, they need to stand still, while the wind is blowing heavily and the sun is shining in tensely. They need to start up, when the power generation from wind and sun goes down. The Fachverband Biogas e.V. assumes that the current inventory of biogas plants will have a capacity of approx. 5 300 MW to compensate power missing from wind and sun in the forthcoming years.