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Benefits of a membership of the German Biogas association e.V.

  • Discounts for booths and special conditions for participation on the most important Biogas related trade fairs, like the association´s international convention and trade fair, IFAT, Agritechnica, Eurotier etc.
  • You receive bundled information and support for other important and relevant biogas conferences and fair trades (e.g. VIV Asia, biogas Asia Pacific Forum, journeys with the German chamber of Foreign commerce etc)
  • 2 issues a year of our English journal, worldwide the only one, exclusively for biogas. Our editorial team bring together biogas developments and activities from all over the world with companies representing their newest products and concepts.
  • Project cooperation tool on our web site to reach over 600 company members and registration in our data base.
  • Telefone service for companies

The association is the uniform representation of economic, legal and political interests for the German Biogas market. We take this responsibility seriously, also trying to bring biogas developments, safety standards and legal framework over the boarders.

With your membership of the world´s biggest Biogas representation, you have the opportunity to bring yourself in and personally help to shape your future´s economic and legal environment in your country!

Membership fees