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Cooperation in Development

Consultation services of the German Biogas Association regarding options for partnership and financing

In developing and emerging countries, there is enormous, still unused potential for biogas technology. In addition to the vigorously growing markets in these countries, there is great interest in proven technologies and expertise from Europe. This presents an opportunity, particularly for companies in the German biogas industry. Especially in these markets, German cooperation in development has a long history and extensive experience in implementing projects and programmes financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development [BMZ]. Such projects have been carried out by the German Association for International Cooperation [GIZ GmbH], by sequa or by the KfW Banking Group, among others. Development cooperation services include a portfolio of options for partnerships and financing, which make it easier for German and European companies in the biogas industry to enter into new markets.

Since 1 August 2013, the German Biogas Association has been participating in the EZ-Scout Programme of the BMZ with the goal of linking economic activities, promotion of foreign trade, and development cooperation more closely together. In our case, the greater participation of German companies in the biogas industry in development projects should result in success. Combining areas of expertise and resources and sharing responsibility and risks will generate both economic and political development win-win scenarios, and challenges that are very difficult to master alone can be taken on together.

The EZ-Scout for the German Biogas Association provides the following services in particular:
    • Information and individualized consultation regarding options for partnerships and financing.
    • Selection of customized instruments for development cooperation.
    • Support in subsidy applications and for projects.
    • Providing contacts to networks, institutions within development cooperation as well as to local and regional development cooperation programmes and companies in the private sector.
    • Information on partner countries for development cooperation regarding market potential and framework conditions.

    Examples for the range of EZ services for economic cooperation include financing and consultation for planned investments, financing of feasibility studies in developing and emerging countries, programmes for professionals such as management training programme for specialized and management staff, the Senior Expert Service (SES), the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), and last, but not least, the BMZ programme for development partnerships with the private sector – develoPPP.de – which has already been executed over thirty times by the biogas industry.