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20 ha Ackerfläche im Raum Meisenheim/Rheinland-Pfalz langfristig zu verpachten

Helmut Strobel
Telefon: 0175/5457177

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Looking for buyers of Urea Fatty Fraction. Animal Byproduct cat. 3. Excipient from production of omega-3 oil from fish. 73% urea (33% nitrogen), 22% fatty acid, 5% ethanol. Fertilizer or biomass for biogas - 240 Nm3 CH4/ton. Price indication 110 EUR/ton.

Tine Olsen
Combineering A/S
Telefon: +45 4558 4049

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Fully working biogas plant 120 kw under 15-year remaining contract to the grid (price per kw: 0.209 euro) is for sale. The price would be 0.209 Euro/Kwh for plants under 3000 Kw. The plant is built in about half of our field of 5300 m2 so an expansion in power or facilities is applicable. The plant is situated just next to the lignite mines of the Public Power Corporation which are about to close forever. The PPC plans to restore those areas as they were and then to rent them for a small fee for agricultural purposes. So a future investor could take advantage of the situation for growing and securing his feedstock (eg corn, sorghum) by subcontracting the fields cultivation or by other means. Main building 160 m2, cummins engine/ camda generator 120 kw (with engine service parts available when actually needed in stock by a service engine company in Greece), two digesters of 675 m3, liquid/solids seperator, two temporary storage tanks 280 m3 and 150 m3, gas filtration, loader, feeding tank 15 m3 and 80 m3, temporary feeding tank 13 m3, weighbridge and several machinery and parts (steel tank, pelletizer, air compressor, drum filter, engine parts, pumps, etc). As for the feedstock, we currently feed with oil mill effluents, cause it's easier than any slurry and has greater gas yield. We tried cow dung, sheep, mink, chicken manure etc along with fruit and vegetables like peaches, beetroots, potatoes and food wastes. As for the heat is concerned I really can't tell about selling although a heated water pump passes along the road to the plant's entrance. I'll be available for further info regarding the plant's presentation, photos etc.

Ioannis Sofologis
Grigoriadis and Sofologis GP

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We offer LNG train solutions: from liquefaction up to 500TNM /Day till distribution via satellite regasification plants, or LNG filling stations. We own a thermal LNG pump patent. Made 600 projects worlwide includng LNG plants key in hand or EPC.

Alex Yatsyuk
AddSynergy SL
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LNG /CNG filling stations mobile or modular

Aleksandr Yatsyuk
Telefon: +34654103567

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Thermische Verwertung von Siebüberläufen zur lokalen Energie- und Wärmeerzeugung // Kleinanlagen zur dezentralen Klärschlammmonoverbrennung // Behandlung von flüssigen Gärresten, Gülle und Brüdenkondensaten (v.a. Stickstoffelimination) --- Als Anlagenbauer, ggf. Anlagenbetreiber, Finanz- und Projektpartner bieten wir Lösungen und Unterstützung bei lokalen/dezentralen Kleinanlagen zur Entsorgung bzw. Verwertung der oben genannten Abfallprodukte. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie Ihre Entsorgungssicherheit erhöhen möchten bzw. die Höhe ihrer Entsorgungskosten eine lokale Entsorgungslösung überlegenswert machen.

Robert Körner
Telefon: 07641/585-257

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Wir die Raichle GmbH sind seit über 50 Jahre auf die Entwicklung, Produktion und das Aufstellung von Lärmschutzsystemen für Strom- und Wärmeerzeuger, insbesondere für BHKW-Module spezialisiert. Gerade die Geräuschemissionen von BHKW-Modulen sind sehr verschieden und abhängig von zahlreichen Faktoren. Grundsätzlich ist hierbei zwischen Betriebs-, Abgas-, Zu- und Abluftgeräuschen zu unterscheiden, für die wir entsprechende Lösungen bereitstellen können. Von Einzelanfertigungen bis hin zur Serienproduktion können wir Ihnen entsprechende Lösungen anbieten. Für Anfragen stehen wir Ihnen jederzeit zur Verfügung.

Thomas Raichle
Raichle GmbH

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Dear Sir, MAYWELL ELECTRIC PVT LTD is a solar company headquartered in INDIA planning to develop Bio CNG projects to public sector clients in India,Our proposal is to offer the option of having a complete Bio fuels and exploring the opportunities for renewable resource usage for a better environment. we are looking for Investors/ Technology companies / EPC Companies/Funding Agencies/Green Fund facility who are ready to Tie-Up with us to establish 10MT CNG production per day BIO CNG plant in India. Our Market for Bio Fuels is still untapped and government is offering subsidy on project investments. I believe I can create a profitable business that would give substantial financial benefit to us both. I would like to meet you and give you more information about my venture as well as few business models. I can be reached anytime at +91- 8121- 69-2345. Thank you for your time and revert back at earliest

Vedvyas V
Maywell Electric Private Limited
Telefon: +918121692345