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Dear Sir, Greetings from India. I would like to introduce myself. I'm basically an ex banker working as Agriculture, Biogas and Poultry consultant in India. There is huge demand for Biogas energy (bio-CNG) in India and huge potential for investment as there is abundant un-tapped raw material available. I have conducted a small survey in my part of the country regarding sugar industry waste called sugarcane pressmud. This is abundantly available and is a waste the industry does not know what to do with. Out of every 100 MT of sugarcane crushed, 3-4 MT of pressmud is produced. In my state (Karnataka) there are over 20 factories with capacity of crushing 5,000 MT every day. That means each factory produces 150-200 MT of pressmud every day. Currently there are a few biogas plants using this pressmud as feed input and they are producing 100-150 Cu.m of biogas per MT of pressmud. The potential is huge and i have spoken to two factories producing more than 500 MT of pressmud per day. And they are interested in supplying to companies taking up the biogas project. The current price of CNG in India is between EUR 9.2 to 12.5 per MMBTU plus tax supplied to industries. I invite your company to invest in biogas projects in India. I would like to work as the chief consultant in raw material sourcing and marketing of Bio-CNG for your company. Regards, Dr. Yathirajan SLV Consultants http:///

Yathirajan Kalale
SLV Consultants

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We will have possible future projects for biogas/biomass. We are looking for CSTR-type system and other suitable technology that is able to digest POME & EFB and is able to produce the highest amount of biogas in order to generate electricity to feed into the Indonesian Grid. Let know how much electricity can your technology produce from 60 or 90 tph palm oil mill? From the processing and digestion of palm oil waste (pome and EFB) what are the waste that will come out of the system, and can the water be directly released into the waterways in accordance with the valid legislation? We would like to enter into a BOT relationship with a good partner. Would need to be a company that would be able to finance such a project. Regards, Michael Raben Bumitama Gunajaya Agro

Jakarta Michael
Bumitama Agri Limited
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